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Saturday, March 10, 2012

MBTA Crack's Down...For One Day!

Last night as I ran to the 5:30pm train to Lowell carrying my bags from Haymarket along with my purse and back pack; I was frantically trying to get my pass out to show the conductor. After all, they would be checking them before I board and after I board right? Wrong!!

I blew right by the conductors waiting at the front of the train where they usually wait for the train to be "All Aboard". No one checked my pass prior to boarding. Was this just something that they were enforcing for one day? Was it a surprise security check? Or were they just being lazy? Who knows.

As much of a pain in the butt it was for me to have to get out my pass twice, I really thought it was a good idea. I feel some people do get on the train with no money and it's unfortunate. Especially if it's an express train to exactly where they need to go! First stop to kick them out at is the stop they need. Funny how that works.

I hope MBTA steps into high gear on cracking down because it's the honest people that get screwed on these fair hikes and it won't phase the dishonest people one bit.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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