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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Work Out

Girl About The Train Work Out

I have recently seen an article  stating that with the fare hikes and service cuts, more people will turn to commuting in their vehicles causing more death and obesity. Death, I am not too sure since I haven’t witness that one. However, obesity is believable. I am not over weight by any means. If you ask my doctor I am under weight (but I am under weight according to the national “average”). I think my weight is just right for me. I started commuting into the city on the commuter rail 10 pounds ago… as in, I weighed 10 pounds more than I do now. I will share with you, the commuter girl work out!

Wake up and briskly walk dog for one mile. This wakes me up and gives me great bonding time with my little pup (OK big pup! She isn’t a pocket dog by any means)!

I get back to my place; get ready for work, head out the door and drive to the train station. Upon arrival at the train station, I park at the far end of the parking lot. Mainly because I don’t want anyone slamming their doors into my doors!

If you are like me, you push your luck! I do every day!! I see the train approaching and I sprint from the far end of the parking lot, sprint up a flight of stairs, over the over pass and down a flight of stairs. This gets the heart going. It also makes your coffee shaken and not stirred. However, I prefer my beverages shaken so this works for me! Martini’s anyone?

I get to rest on the commuter rail in route to North Station. Then, once at North Station, I head to the T. I walk in and have two options, escalator or stairs. I always take the stairs. Even though you’re going down, it’s helpful cardio.

Once I board the T, I am usually packed in like a sardine. I firm up my abs so that I can maintain my balance during the stop, go and turns of the T ride. (Kinda like surfing)

When I get to my stop, I disembark the train and walk the few blocks to my office in a brisk fashion.

Reverse for commute home. Although, when I get to Anderson-Woburn, I don’t run to my vehicle! I don’t want people to think I’m crazy!!

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