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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrill of the Hunt-Closing Bell

This morning was beautiful! It is March 22nd and I threw on a wind breaker to walk my dog at 6am. I am generally in a winter jacket in the mornings until at least June! When I got back from walking my dog, I checked my facebook and saw many friends trotting off to the beach today. I thought it was great. Good for them! I wish I was going to the beach but I’m not, I’m heading into work just like everyone else in the city was going to do right? Wrong!

I pulled into the parking lot at the train station and I got a great spot! Then I await the train and there is hardly anyone on the platform. However, that’s normal because people wait inside until the train comes. Then I though “Why on earth would these people wait in side when it is this nice out?” The train pulls in and I hop on. There are empty seats! I got a seat all to myself. Through out the 7 or so stops I remained by myself reading my book. I heard as people walked down the aisle that generally don’t even get seats say “Everyone’s playin’ hooky! They are all at the beach! I could get used to this.”

Once I got to North Station, I quickly got to the T platform in record time. There weren’t crowds of herded people to cut through. The T pulls in and there is hardly anyone on it. It feels like a ghost town. There is no hustle and bustle. It’s just a few people heading into work instead of doing what everyone else was doing, going to the beach.

Once I got to my office I was assured I did the right thing. Everyone was here who wasn’t traveling and then I didn’t feel so left out for not going to the beach. Today has been a busy day and there is the hustle and bustle of deals closing all around me. The heart of the office…. What I live for! It’s so great when the company closes a deal and I am here to witness it. Sometimes the thrill of the close and the thrill of the hunt can offset the beach any day.

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