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Thursday, March 29, 2012

“You get closer to people on the train than you will in any other setting.”

“You get closer to people on the train than you will in any other setting.” I over hear on the platform knowing full well that I am not getting on the train I see before me. “Some woman just did a face plant into a perfect stranger and doesn’t even care.” The girl behind me continues to her friend.

“Ya, you’d never see that in any other setting. Not even a night club!” her friend replies.

The train leaves and we wait for the next train which is usually far less crowded than the first train that comes through. The two of them go back and forth with small talk and finally the next train pulls in.

This train has ample room compared to the previous one. However, it was still packed. We all hop on the train with arm room, which means we aren’t packed in like little sardines. We get situated and head out of North Station. The pair of friends start giggling uncontrollably at what I assume is just them seeing validation to their previous comments as we are packed in but not too packed in. People are looking at them like they are on something. Some, who may have a low self esteem, give them death glares. Their giggling was infectious to me and made my morning! Most people get cranky on the train but to be able to laugh at it and accept it as a way of life, is comforting.

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